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glycolic acid and chemical peel ( UK )

Glycolic Peel - a kind of superficial peeling. It is recommended when there are fine wrinkles, when the skin has a gray lifeless color, when there are slight imperfections that arose after the acne, all sorts of roughnesses and bumpy. Superficial peeling carried out with a weak solution of glycolic acid. This peeling is seriously described above. First, as a rule two-week treatment is preceded by peeling the face at home with a weak solution of glycolic acid.
In the presence of small skin defects are encountered after acne, all sorts of roughnesses and bumpy.
Superficial peeling carried out with a weak solution of glycolic acid. This peel is more serious than foregoing. First, usually, the peeling procedure is preceded by a two-week treatment of face at home with a weak solution of glycolic acid in order to properly remove the horny epidermis and to soften the underlying layer.
The procedure of peeling directly into the clinic or in the salon always begins with the application to the skin of weak solutions of glycolic acid to soften and degrease the skin. Then for a few minutes uniformly applied glycol gel. Then it washed by special neutralizing solution. Depending on the problem to be solved, superficial peeling is made a course in 4-10 treatments with an interval 10-14 days. These intervals are assigned to support the effect of cosmetic of peeling with glycolic acid.
Glycolic peel (like peeling fruit acids) is completely painless. In the main period of peeling when applied glycol gel, feels slight burning (about such feelings as if somebody is painted in “white color”). During the procedure, on the face directs the flow of cold air and discomfort are reduced to a minimum.
Directly after the actual glycolic peeling there is a slight reddening of the skin, which can be kept from 2 to 24 hours. Occasionally may occur swelling and crusts, such a reaction is rare and characterized by hypersensitive skin. It is very important after the glycolic peel is constantly moisturizing the skin with the recommended tools. And in any case, if the crust suddenly appeared, they were not forcibly removed.
Contraindications for a glycolic peel can be the following problems: worsening of cold sores, warts, various violations of the integrity of the skin, the recent passage of chemotherapy, a course of hormone therapy for the treatment of acne, hypersensitivity to components of the peeling.
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