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Glycolic Peels for Stretch Marks

Glycolic Peels for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by a rapid stretching of your skin and is often the result of rapid growth, pregnancy weight gain or weight loss. There are two main types of stretch marks: the reddish or purple lines or the common white-ish marks, which are old stretch marks.
Stretch marks are developed in the dermis, the middle layer of your skin and many people recommend the use of moisturizers and oils such as vitamin E. Cocoa butter is also a good moisturizer that may work. However, not many studies have shown that they really work to remove stretchmarks. And even if they do help, they generally take a very long time to show positive effects.
Can glycolic acid peels work for stretch marks? The answer is yes, they can help a great deal in removing stretch marks because they exfoliate your layer of skin and encourage the production of new collagen. However, you should know that glycolic peels for stretch marks work best when your stretch marks are new.
This means they work most effectively when your stretch marks are red or purple. After three or four peels you will notice a change in their color and shape or length. It’s quite useful to combine this with an over-the-counter glycolic creams or lotions like the Neostrata glycolic creams. The Ultra Smoothing lotion with 8% glycolic acid and 2% citric acid is a popular option that works.
Using glycolic peels for stretch marks can be rather costly in the long run because you need to perform repeated treatments. However, you can greatly minimize the cost by performing these glycolic peels at home yourself. Just buy a bottle of glycolic peel solution that’s 35% or more and apply the peel yourself on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Generally you can use a stronger concentration of glycolic peels for your stretch marks because the skin on your body is tougher and less sensitive. However if you have dark skin it is advisable to not use a deep or high-level glycolic peel because it may cause hyperpigmentation problems. You may want to stick to glycolic creams and lotions if this is the case.
How about old white stretch marks on your body? They can be removed with a combination of glycolic acid peels and a topical retinoid. The retinol can be used at night and the glycolic peel in the daytime. You can also combine a glycolic acid peel with copper peptides which are excellent for remodeling your skin. A simple regime of glycolic peels with copper peptides can even remove stretch marks that are over 10 years old.
But don’t expect immediate results. You may see slight improvements from day to day but to completely get rid of stretch marks involves a beauty regime of at least 6 months to a few years. If you want a much faster but more invasive/expensive remedy, you may consider laser treatment for stretch marks.
All in all, glycolic peels can be used effectively to eliminate stretch marks when combined with other skin care treatments like moisturizing oils and retinoids/copper peptides. Good luck!

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