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glycolic acid peels

Glycolic acid peels can refer to home treatments with glycolic preparations ranging from 10 - 20% or in-office treatments at concentrations from 30 - 70%. The products used for at home treatments are often left on the skin to work over a longer period of time because they are lower strength and therefore can be done without direct medical supervision. The in-office procedures are those in which glycolic acid is applied to the skin for one to five minutes under the supervision of medical personnel and are then rinsed off with water. Glycolic peels regardless of at-home or in-office, when properly done, and when done with glycolic products that are buffered and pH-adjusted, should be gentle, without any visual peeling or redness, and hence have no "downtime" associated with them, which is why they are so popular and yet effective at making skin smoother, brighter, more lustrous and helping to prevent and control acne breakouts.

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